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Amongst other work, Ari Shaffir is probably most well known for a series of comedy works entitled The Amazing Racist (the title is a play on that of reality television show The Amazing Race). In these shorts the Amazing Racist is seen acting in a manner which is overtly and ironically racist. Shaffir filmed many of his offensive encounters for the DVD, National Lampoon's Lost Reality. They were then ripped to the internet by hundreds of different nerds and then seen by millions of people. Watching the videos makes many people laugh and many people very angry. Ari gets death threats at least once a week and loves them all. If you haven’t seen the videos, Google him. And please don’t watch them at work because you’ll get fired.

Ari has also been featured on the TBS show Minding the Store, ESPN Classic’s Cheap Seats, The Latino Laugh Festival on SiTV, has made a few appearances on the Opie and Anthony radio show (including the greatest day of radio of all time – The Baby Bird), and you probably have seen him on one of the many national commercials he has done over the years.

Ari’s first love is standup, though, and he is a regular at all the major clubs in Los Angeles. For the last few years he has been touring nationally with Joe Rogan. Ari tends to describe his comedy as a puppet show, but way filthier and without the puppets. Ari wrote this biography, so every time it says “Ari did this” or “Ari did that” it’s really Ari writing it about himself. Ari feels like a tool for having done that. Please don’t come to the show if you’re easily offended or if you don’t like hearing Jews tell awful stories about sexual misconduct or if you hate fun. Everyone else, please do come.


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