91 University Place
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Official Website: http://www.mccarter.org

Added by butwait on July 26, 2007



SAVE YOUR Money -- Warning àProfanity - used- Appeared to entertain young teens. The use of explicits in the first half of the play was not something ! was prepared for and turned our experience into an embarrassing situation having my friend. I expected a real play production, what we saw was a preschool grade performance by overgrown young man on steroids. . If the play was intended for kids I can’t understand the need to make use of profanity during a matinee. If it was intended for adults, it insulted our intellegence without making up with some level oh humor. Bad all around

THIS PLAY was A TOTAL EMBRRASEMENT FOR ME AND MY GUETS,(3),and for MacCarter Theater’s legacy of literacy. We were excited about Grant Tier tickets; too bad we could not bear to remain and left at intermission. They should refund all their guestas money and not allow kids in!

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