2800 Archwood Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

This is the annual Archwood Street Fair of renown. We've been having it for so many years now I have to ask somebody else when it all started--I think it was in 1980-something. Originally, we tried to sell a lot of rehab and restoration items as well as antiques, and that is still the basic purpose. It now also functions as a way for all of us to clean house, so it's taken on aspects of the huge neighborhood garage sale as well. Some of us who don't live on Archwood actually haul our stuff in the night before. The inventory is usually pretty good.

Further, some entrepreneurs now set up food stands and assorted flea market venues. It's a real melting pot...Open source.

It's also ideal for bicycles and walking.

The stated hours are from 9 AM-6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM-5 PM on Sunday, and some people stay open a little longer, and some people wrap up early.

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From our friend Paul over on Mapledale:

Archwood Street Sale:

50+ houses, wide variety of antiques, collectibles, house wares, clothing, appliances, etc. A yearly tradition for the last quarter century. You never know what you will find! Free admission, lots of fun. Sale is June 7th and 8th, 9am til 4 or 5pm, depends on how long individual houses want to participate. Some people are set up as early as 7:30am-8:00am on Saturday morning. Archwood Avenue, off Pearl Road in Brooklyn Centre (the area north of the Zoo, south of Metro Hospital)


This update just in from our friend Trina over on Archwood:

Oops...I almost forgot! Ok...the flyer says Sat 7th 9-6 and Sun 8th 10-5. It says there's a $2.00 charge for advertising in PD and Sun. For questions, call Rick @ 459-8516

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Miss Information

The Friends of Cleveland Public Library will also be holding a booksale in the lot adjacent to the Brooklyn Branch Library 11-4 on Saturday, June 7th. Cleveland Public Library is liquidating the VHS collection, so teachers, this is your big chance to build your video library for the fall classes. It's also a great chance to see a REAL neighborhood.


Archwood United Church of Christ
2800 Archwood Ave

Is having their annual Steeple & Prayer Vigil
for Brookside Center

Please help fill the steps with canned goods for Brookside's Food Drive to help those in need! Starting Friday 5pm - Sat. 4pm

Rummage and baked goods will be for sale!
Hope to see you there!