One Gateway Center
Collinsville, IL, Illinois 62234


GoH: Elizabeth Moon

GoH: Alan Gutierrez

GoH: Voice actor Billy West

GoH: Steve Johnson, Hex Games

GoH: Gypsy Ames

GoH: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

GoH: jan howard "the Wombat" finder

TM: Robin Wayne Bailey

MC: Author Vic Milán

Official Website:

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ARCHON, St. Louis' premier SF, Fantasy and Gaming convention, will be held at the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Illinois from October 5-8, 2006. The convention will open at 5pm Thursday and close on 5pm Sunday. Guests of Honor will include: Author - Elizabeth Moon, Artist - Alan Gutierrez, Gaming - Steve Johnson, Costuming - Gypsy Ames, Filking - Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, Media - Billy West, Fan - Jan Howard Finder, Toastmaster - Robin Wayne Bailey, Masquerade MC - Vic Milan. Representatives from Troll Lord Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Steve Jackson Games and HexGames will be in attendance giving demos, player strategies, GameMaster seminars, and "What's New" presentations.
The Grande Masquerade is sure to be the main attraction for the convention, one of the finest costuming venues in the Midwest. The competition will be judged by two separate panels of judges one for presentation and the other for workmanship. Separate awards are to be given from each panel. The Best in Show winner(s) will receive a free membership to the next Archon. Interested in competing? You can register at the convention until noon on Saturday.

Some of the popular choices for this year are The Gaming, Art Show, Charity Auction, Banquet, Dealers Room, Anime Music Videos contest, Hogwarts Open House, and three Video Rooms with non-stop programming. Hall Costume Contests, Phat Friday Masked Ball, Filking, Fan/Club meetings, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Dance Tournament, Miniatures Contest, Writing Contests, and of course the Hospitality Suite are not to be missed. Six to ten tracks of simultaneous programming will be available.

The Gaming, another world of adventure, events of every venue and style including three LARP's, are expected to run throughout both day and night. Indoor adventures await you at every turn!

The Trans-Iowa Canal Company – This “fan”tastic acting troupe will return triumphantly to Archon. If you’ve seen them before you know you’re in for a great time. So, you will want to make room on your dance card for this.

Young adult programming will be expanded with more of the favorites from last year and new things scaled in between the regular kids programming and the more mainstream programming, including “make & takes” and their very own DDR tournament.

Children’s programming will also be expanded this year. They will have their very own DDR tournament, the traditional instant costuming panel, Children’s Masquerade, “bottle rockets” and many other exciting things.

For additional information about Archon, St. Louis' premier Science Fiction/Fantasy and Gaming convention, please visit their website


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