3702 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97214

All proceeds help p:ear mentor homeless youth.

One showing at the Bagdad Theater.
All ages (minors w/ adult)
if the film were rated it would be PG

From her invisible space station, the Archivist, an ancient, omniscient alien who records Earth’s history, narrates a startling tale taking place on the world beneath her.

Pandora, an evil telepath who bends minds to her whim, has stolen a powerful mystical artifact, the Cosmic Crystal. The Sorcerer, a heroic master of magik is tracking her to stop the misuse of its dangerous power.
A heroine from the future named Sky Ray is on the trail of her brilliant arch enemy, Dr. Megahertz, who is secretly building a device to harness the power of the Cosmic Crystal.
The prankster villain, Yorick the Magnificent has abandon criminal pranks in favor of bank robbery. The auto mechanic-turned-robot-armored-hero, Alloy, wants to know why.

Before the heroes can discover that their enemies are working together the villains move to thwart them.
High above the Earth, the Archivist watches as the conflict throws the fate of the world into jeopardy.

Official Website: http://alteregossociety.com

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