downtown Arcata
Arcata, California


Description from their site: "The Arcata Bay Oyster Festival has become a tradition for local restaurateurs, executive chefs, and caterers to show off their culinary skills by preparing oysters in every imaginable way... More than 70% of the fresh oysters consumed in California are grown in 450 acres of Arcata Bay. June is a peak month for oyster harvests in Humboldt County. These oysters are are farmed in environmentally friendly bags tethered to posts in the Arcata Bay (no harmful dredging of the bay is necessary for their harvest).

Try them roasted, barbecued, fried, on the half shell or on pizza, secret sauces and with wild abandon.

With imagination and flair, one can eat away the entire day. The coals glow hot from early morning 'til the last oyster has been shucked."

Added by reck on September 22, 2005



I could eat oysters all day and now i will have my chance. After the fest I am going to Hum Brews, just off the square behind the theater to see- funk rock


This will be my 3rd year coming from Redding, CA to the 'fest..we have alot of friends that come too..we love Smokin Moses and we love the Arcata Hotel (we stay there every year) Keep up the great work. We have a blast and are bringing 3 new "posers" this coming weekend...see you there!!!!