Yangpu District, Kunming Rd #721 (near Tongbei Rd)
Shanghai, Shanghai

April 18
   “10”, alternative music band from Japan & Korea vs. Muscle Snog from Shanghai
  Guest band: Mother**er666 (PUNK)
  The super experimental duo '10' is 'Marqido' from Japan who is a laptop artist, and 'itta' from Korea who plays real voice, toys, melodica, accordion and miniature traditional instruments of some nations. Simple and of many of layers, noise and lyrical music, electronic and acoustic music.
  Guest band:Mother**er666
  Mother**er666 is a fun-punk-band of three students.
  The name doesn't need to be taken seriously, as well as the band doesn't take itself too serious. Obviously, their only aim is to have a good time playing live, by performing songs of bands they   themselves like to listen to! So don't expect dogmatic messages or stuff like this, ...better come for the party and moshing-action -)
  see ya in the pit!!!
  Ticket:30/20(1 Beer free)
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Tel :021-2833 6764
Venue :Kunming lu 721`(near tongbei lu)Yangpu.
email:[email protected]

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Metro 4, Dalian Rd station 1 EXIT turn right on kunminglu,go straight 500m left side!
17,19 (Tongbei Rd station),
37 (Jing,an si----Tongbei Rd station)
871,870,145 (Tongbei Rd station)
960,962 (Zhoujiazui Rd station)
842,868,(Dalian Rd station)
22,22电 (Liaoyang Rd station)
25,317,853,79,746,597,325,573 (Changyang Rd station)

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