Apple campus, 4 Infinite Loop, Garage II conference room
Cupertino, California

For our April meeting, Extendlogic( will collaborate with International Macintosh Users Group (IMUG)( who hosts regular events on any topic related to internationalization or multilingual computing (not just Mac) at Apple HQ to organize an event about iPhone I18N and L10N, and possibly more specifically "iPhone App Opportunities in China."

Here are the details regarding our meeting:

Meeting Date: 7PM-9PM,April 16,2009
Meeting Topic: Apple iPhone China Market Opportunities for Application Developers
Meeting Format: 3-4 panelists to discuss iPhone I18N and L10N, the reportedly imminent iPhone market in China.Each speaker will be given 20 minutes for the speech including Q&A.

Summary of presentations:

iPhone Opportunities in China---David Cao

Rumor has it the iPhone will launch in China within a month! Based on his close relationships with Chinese carriers and his experience localizing for the Chinese market, David Cao will offer an overview of the smartphone market in China, give us a high-level view of the overall smartphone market and introduce the major players in the carrier space.

David will then delve into specifics on the iPhone market in China, including China Unicom and the iPhone, Chinese consumer spending on downloads, the iPhone's potential in China, and possible business models for US iPhone app developers planning to enter the China market including licensing, downloading (contracting, agent), and joint ventures.

Localization for iPhone: the World of Possibilities!---Danica Brinton

For the past 2 years, Danica and her localization agency, LocLabs, have been involved in the localization of iPhone and production of iPhone-related marketing media into 18 languages.

Danica is also leading the production of 16 international versions of Second Life to ship on multiple platforms, including iPhone. Most recently, Danica and LocLabs have been localizing social networking applications and casual games for a number of traditional as well as emerging mobile markets.

In her presentation, Danica will share her recent experiences. She will also highlight some surprising discoveries around global adoption and new market opportunities for mobile applications and games. Finally, Danica will show new localization models and user-engagement strategies particularly suitable for these new territories and the iPhone platform.

More panelists to be announced soon.

About the Panelists:

David Cao is the CEO of ExtendLogic, an IT consulting and outsourcing company dedicated to mobile industry solutions. Based on its close relationship with China Carriers, David Cao will talk about the iPhone opportunities in China, especially for localizing the popular apps for Chinese users.

Danica Brinton is a veteran of international product management and localization with an always avid interest in the latest technologies and trends. In addition to managing Linden Lab's international initiatives, Danica's agency, LocLabs, supports Apple's localization and international marketing efforts. Previously, Danica led internationalization and localization of's search engine, launching the brand into 16 markets. Earlier, Danica managed localization of the first 4 generations of iPod, iTunes and iLife application suite. Danica started in the industry as a technical translator for HP, and Motorola. While still a graduate student at UC Berkeley, she was a foreign-language voice-over talent and cultural advisor on a number of video games (most prominently the Prince of Persia series)."

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The event will be FREE for those pre-registered via iPhone for Business MeetUp group or if you join IMUG now or at the meeting.

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