Union Square
San Francisco, California

L&T Ltd. presents:
Apocryphal San Francisco
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A Walking Tour Presented by L&T Ltd.

San Francisco, CA, November 5, 2005. Skeptics and romantics will both find something to love about the Apocryphal San Francisco walking tours presented by L&T Ltd. The free tours will cover the area around Union Square and focus on lesser known tales from the turn of the Nineteenth Century. Tours leave at 1:30 pm, Saturday November 19th, December 3rd, 10th and 17th. All tours meet at the naval monument in the center of Union Square.

The tours consist of a juicy collection of stories about the fantastic connections and colorful characters that once roamed San Francisco. One of the tour guides, Sara Thacher, summarized the tour as, "a cross between People Magazine and the Weekly World News, but with more walking . . . It's gossipy and sometimes hard to believe, but you can't stop listening." The stories on the tour sometimes push the limits of credibility. When asked directly about the veracity of a particular story, tour guide Laren Leland replied, "True or not, it still makes a pretty good story." And at the heart of it, that?s what Apocryphal San Francisco is all about: storytelling. L&T Ltd. hopes that these tours will provoke a sense of wonder and astonishment (or bewilderment) about the living history of the city.
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ABOUT L&T LTD: L&T Ltd. is committed to fostering new social connections by expanding and redefining communities. This is their first public project in San Francisco.

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