934 Brannan
San Francisco, California 94103

Saturday, September 27, 1:00 PM 1:00 AM

Theater Featured Artist Jane Chen,
Dance Featured Artist Frances Sedayao,
Music Featured Artist Golda Supanova, and
Comics/Zines Featured Artist Gene Yang

Jing Lee Bentley & Mark Miyake punkpunk
Oliver Chin 9 of 1: A Window to the World
Anthony Hon Jack and Lucky
Hellen Jo komisches buch
Mai-Lei Pecorari re:Define Design
Alexander S. Shen Soks
Lawrence C. Tan Awakening
Kyle Yamasaki The Cost of Living
Eddy Zheng Untitled Zine

1:30 PM ? CHARMIN (opening music performance)
1:50 PM ? Ching-In Chen (spoken word)
2:10 PM ? Debbie Yee (poetry reading)
2:25 PM ? Trust Me, I?m A Trained Professional (music performance)
2:45 PM ? Amanda Solomon (poetry reading)
3:00 PM ? Athena Kashyap (poetry reading)
3:10 PM ? 400 Boys (music performance)
3:35 PM ? The Berkeley Asian Rice-Eating Theater Group (theater performance)
3:58 PM ? Amy Yuen (literary reading)
4:15 PM ? Lisa Ko (poetry reading)
4:30 PM ? Himalayan Project (music performance)


5:00 ? DIY Workshop Bookbinding with Mai-Lei Pecorari (small materials fee required)
5:30 ? PANEL DISCUSSION Artistic Response to Political and Economic Landscapes
6:45 ? DOCUMENTARY FILM SCREENING Behind the Checkpoint by Suzanne La (20 min.)

7:00 PM ? Odessa Mei-Lee Chen (music performance)
7:23 PM ? Marisma (music performance)
7:45 PM ? Jimmy Tran (theater)
8:03 PM ? Jane Chen (Theater Featured Performance)
8:30 PM ? Frances Sedayao (Dance Featured Performance)
8:57 PM ? Golda Supanova (Music Featured Performance)
9:25 PM ? Proletariat Bronze (spoken word)
9:40 PM ? Siwaraya Roschanahusdin (theater)
10:00 PM ? Gennifer Hirano and Kristina Sheryl Wong (performance)
10:15 PM ? Charmin (music performance)
10:37 PM ? Michelle Bautista (poetry reading)
10:55 PM ? Asian Crisis (music performance)
11:15 PM ? Invisible Cities (music performance)
11:35 PM ? Puddingstone (music performance)
11:55 PM ? Laurie Buenafe (experimental music performance)
12:10 AM ? Samantha Chanse (performance)
12:20 AM ? Superugly (music performance)

SomArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street, between 8th and 9th Streets
San Francisco


What is APAture?
Kearny Street Workshop's APAture is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival presenting the work of emerging Asian Pacific American artists, ages 18 to 35, living and/or working in the San Francisco Bay Area. APAture's mission is to provide young artists with an early experience presenting their work at a large event; to build audiences for young, emerging artists; to strengthen the sense of community among our young artists; and to raise awareness of the existence of and diversity within the APA arts community. APAture values community-building, ethnic and artistic diversity, and collaboration across ethnic and disciplinary lines.

Now in its fifth year, APAture includes a visual arts show, film screenings, workshops, a panel discussion, literary readings, performances in spoken word, music, dance, theater, and other performance genres, and an area for zinesters and comic artists to display and sell their work. The last day of APAture is a twelve-hour event that attracts over 600 people--last year over 700 people attended the final day of APAture, and over 1300 total turned out over the course of the festival. APAture generally lasts for two weeks, with the visual show opening one week before the rest of the festival's events.

Each year APAture also features a select group of artists who exemplify the work being done in their discipline.

APAture is curated and produced by KSW-Next, the next-generation component of Kearny Street Workshop.

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