Boston Common
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

STOP the War!!!
Mobilize on the Boston Common
Rally & March on Saturday, Oct. 29th
Speakers Include
Cindy, Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace
Klare X. Allen 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Felix Arroyo, Boston City Councilor at-large
End the Occupation of Iraq
Stop the Racist Attack on Black, Latinos, Arabs and Muslims!

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Several representatives from Military Families Speak Out
Charles Peterson, Holyoke Community College
Queer Today
New England Organization to Defend Human Rights in Haiti
Diane Dujon on welfare rights
Speaker about Somerville 5 case
Campus Antiwar Network (Khury Petersen-Smith)
Iraq Veterans Against the War (Joe Turcotte?)
Busdrivers Union
Ahmed Shawki ? National Council of Arab-Americans and International Socialist Review
Socialist Alternative speaker
Bromley Heath Workers
Dario Zapata / Bolivarian Circle (on together)
Jose Morales on Puerto Rico
Muslim American Society
Amee Chew ? reproductive rights

Assemble 11 AM (at band shell)

March 12:30 (A permitted march through Boston)
Rally 1:30 (at band shell)

Two and a half years after the invasion of Iraq the brutal nightmare continues with no end in sight. The majority in this country believe that this war should never have happened. Over 200,000 marched in Washington, DC on September 24 demanding an end to this criminal war of conquest. Millions more now reject the lies coming out of Washington. We are making a difference! Now WE have the initiative.

A catastrophe of massive proportions has been unfolding on the Gulf Coast. At least a thousand are believed to have died and many thousands are now homeless. Natural disasters can=12t be stopped. But what happens before, during, and after them is not inevitable. The deaths in Katrina's path
were no more necessary than the deaths of thousands in Iraq.

We must unite! The policy of waging war for control of oil resources and the policy decisions leading to the social catastrophe unfolding on the Gulf Coast point to a consistent assault on and disregard for the lives, safety, and needs of working families.

Plans are being made to organize a massive March and Rally on Boston Common on October 29th, 2005 to End the Occupation of Iraq! We encourage all antiwar organizations, students, youth, groups in the community, unionists, and anyone in the New England region who wants to organize to Sop the War to join with us at our next planning meeting.

Join us in planning this action and in organizing a broad outreach campaign. The challenge before us is to unite, plan, and then mobilize our opposition into a strong mass movement that can turn millions more against the war =
and fight for a social policy that serves human needs- not conquest, occupation, and domination.

According to Donald Rumsfeld the war could last as long as 12 more years.

How many more will die in a war that was a lie from start to finish?

How many more billions of our tax dollars will be drained into a war to control the oil resources of Iraq?

How many more billions will be looted from vital social needs such as hurricane relief, reconstruction, jobs, education, and healthcare or libraries, firehouses, childcare, eldercare, or Social Security?

Please visit our web site: or call (617)338-9966 Option 5
A downloadable version of the flyer is available there. Please help distribute it.

Planning Meetings Mondays 6:00 PM
33 Harrison Avenue, 4th Floor, Boston
Mass Global Action office
Two blocks from the Chinatown T stop on the Orange Line

Meeting Directions: Two blocks from the Chinatown T stop on the Orange Line

Organized by the Oct. 29th Coalition
Endorsers: Felix Arroyo - Boston City Councilor At-Large, Artists for Peace and Justice, Azine - Asian American Movement Ezine, Bolivarian Circle MLK Jr. - Boston, Brookline Peaceworks, Boston Mobilization, Boston/ Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Chelsea Uniting Against the War, Chinese Progressive Association, Ed Childs - Chief Shop Steward Local 26 UNITE/HERE, CapeCodders for Peace and Justice, CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador ), Citizens for an Informed Community, Committee for a Fall Action, Commonwealth Students Against the War, Crispaz (Christians for Peace in El Salvador), Educators to Stop the War - Boston, Framingham State College Human Rights Action Committee, Green Party Action Committee (USA), Steve Gillis - President USWA Local 8751 School Bus Driver's Union, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, International Action Center, International Socialist Organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Jobs with Justice, Dan Kontoff - Allston/Brighton City Council Candidate, Mass Global Action, Massachusett Peace Action, Merrimack Valley People for Peace, Mystic River Green-Rainbow Party, Susan Moir, ScD, Director, UMASS Labor Resource Center*, National Lawyers Guild, New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti, Radical Youth Alliance, Queer Today, Quincy Against War, Socialist Alternative, Troops Out Now Coalition - Boston, Stonewall Warriors, Tufts Coalition Opposed to the War in Iraq, UMass Boston Antiwar Committee, Cambridge/ Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, United for Justice with Peace, Women's Fightback Network, WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom), Workers World Party

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