5 Yongfu Road, near Fuxing Road / Wuyuan Road
Shanghai, Shanghai

ANTIDOTE: Plugged In, Amped Up!

July 19, 2008 Saturday
40 RMB door.
The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu, Shanghai

LIMAN - Beijing [Live Electro/Techno set]
FREAKY SQUEAKER - Taibei [Live Electro Breaks set]
REHAB - Singapore [Electro DJ duo]
OZONE - USA [Punk Rock, Abstract Hip Hop DJ set]
BEN HUANG - Shanghai [Techno DJ set]
B6 - Shanghai [Techno DJ set]

Music: Live Electro, Live Techno, Binary Breaks

Dress code: Gorilla vs. Guerrilla vs. Girrrrrilla!

* When LIMAN played Shelter last January it was the biggest night ever at Shelter. He's returning from the north with a new set of Live Electro.

* For the first time in Shanghai, we're excited to have one of Taipei's hottest young producers, FREAKY SQUEAKER, with a live set, followed by a DJ set. Except some mad rocking dirty live electro breaks.

* Singapore's DJ duo REHAB (Kelly vs. Jung) returns to Shanghai to bang out the electro tech-house.

* B6 is working on a full-length solo album due out in Autumn, and will air some of the demos in the mix.

* Antidote regulars Ozone and Ben Huang support the madness.

* Come early. Come rain or shine. It's going to be good. It's going to be big.

地点:The Shelter, 上海市永福路5号,近复兴西路

* 今年1月李满为Shelter带来有史以来最为火爆的演出。现在,他将携全新的电子现场,带给大家更多的震撼。

*除了狂野的电子现场之外,我们还将邀请到台湾当红年轻制作人FREAKY SQUEAKER,首次来到上海做现场演出和DJ。

*新加坡DJ双人组REHAB(Kelly vs. Jung)再度登临上海激情演绎electro tech-house。

* Antidote 成员Ozone与Ben Huang也将同台助兴

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