B1, No 77, Sec 2, Wu Chang Street, Ximending, Taipei
Taipei City, Taipei City

Shanghai's legendary Antidote party is coming to Taipei, on Friday, July 11, 2008.

The Antidote Party - Taipei

Friday, July 11, 2008

VU Live House 地下絲絨
B1, No 77, Sec 2, Wu Chang Street, Ximending, Taipei

Door: 300 NTD with one drink.

Music: Abstract Electro Fidget African Punk Breaks & Live Rock

Dress Code: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

GO CHIC (Live Rock Band)
DJ Trix vs. Shaolinpunk (Electro Fidget Mash)
DJ D.Soto (Global Mash Potato)
DJ Ozone (Abstract Hip Hop, Post-Punk, Bhangra)
DJ FunkStar (Drum and Bass)

About The Antidote
In early 2005, American DJ/promoter Michael "Ozone" and Shanghai-native designer/producer B6 started a little monthly party called "The Antidote" at a dive bar in Shanghai. The Antidote brought a refreshing, DIY, renegade style party that blew open the Shanghai music and party scene. Since then, the crew has played around China, and has been featured in countless magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, and websites around the world, including BBC and New York Times. The Antidote posters are currently on exhibit at the Victoria Albert Museum in London. The Antidote crew now have packed parties every month in Shanghai, and play exciting and innovative new music that rocks dance floors and opens hearts and minds.

We're excited to party with some of the most exciting talents in Taiwan -- DJ FunkStar, Go Chic, and DJ D.Soto.

About Go Chic
Caution!! we're electro/hyphy/chix hybridized punk/blues/rock psycho-fatherfuckeeeeeers, jump yr feets up or we're gonna ATTACKKKK u!

About Trix vs. Shaolinpunk
DJ Trix vs. his alter ego producer Shaolinpunk. Trix aka Shaolinpunk is bringing his signature fidget electro mash sound back to the island, after several years of rocking China. After a residency at Shanghai's premiere dance club, bonbon (God's Kitchen UK), and several tours of the nation, Trix is flexing his underground sounds with The Antidote. Trix has a signature sound that's mad fidgety yet groovy, turning house and electro-rock upside down and inside out.

About DJ D.Soto
American studio tech wizard (with Ninja Tune) turned DJ, D.Soto started DJing in London, under the tutelage of Howie B. During a brief stint in Shanghai last year, D.Soto met up and played with the Uprooted Sunshine and Antidote crews, before moving to Taipei. D.Soto plays all styles of music, with a focus on world music that your momma doesn't listen to.

About DJ Ozone
Starting as a radio DJ in California before throwing raves and club nights, Ozone founded The Antidote with Shanghai producer/designer B6. As a DJ, he plays "mad eclectic" music, from electro-punk and indie-rock, to African soukous and Bhangra/Bolly-funk.

About DJ FunkStar
The most well-known Drum & Bass DJ in Taiwan, FunkStar smashes dance floors all over the island with his upfront mixing skill & diverse tune selection. FunkStar has DJ'd from China to London, UK, and is invited to play at Womb Tokyo this summer.

以快速強悍的Drum & Bass為其招牌風格,擅長以不同風情的各式歌曲炒熱舞池。 多次與國外知名DJ同台演出,並得到DJ AKi與英國鼓打貝斯天王DJ Friction之盛讚, 更於2005年遠征至中國與英國表演,今年更受邀至世界頂級俱樂部Womb Tokyo演出。

About VU Live House
Formerly the "Velvet Underground", the "VU Live House" has re-opened with a better sound system and a resurgence in popularity. Located in the popular shopping and entertainment area, Ximending.


Facebook page:

Official Website: http://AntidoteAsia.com/

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