39, Broadwick St, London, W1F 9QP
London, England

Steve Portigal and Peter Merholz will be visiting London, and would love to connect with other designers, researchers, design researchers, and the like. Join us for a pint (or three) at the John Snow.

Added by peterme on August 27, 2007



Can Research Designers come along?


But of course!


Great venue and looking forward to meeting people from the anthrodesign list in London...my virtual world shall finally become a reality!

Andrew Harder

We'll meet upstairs...

They don't reserve areas (well, they charge for it and I assume no-one has the largesse to spot for this) but if we go upstairs we will quickly take over a corner.


I'm coming from the City. Anyone want to join transit forces (split a cab, ferry me on yer bike, guide me through the pleasures of a bus trip?)