595 Market St, 2nd floor
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Culinary "bad boy" and celebrated TV host Bourdain has traveled the world to bring us a witty, funny and astute look at what people eat around the globe, and how to make certain unappetizing foods not only palatable comestibles, but delicacies. "Any schmo can grill a fancy steak," he says, but "it takes a cook to transform a humble pig's foot into something people clamor for."

Official Website: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/featured/#bourdain

Added by raines on May 30, 2006



why must this be during the day? *shakes fist*


About half the Comm. Club events are during the day, serving retirees, students, and folks who work downtown and can take lunchbreaks.


ah, but there's a booksigning at the Ferry Building on Saturday!!! :) :) :)



Thanks, Claudine! Here's the booksigning as a link.