700 Windsor River Road
Windsor, California


Celebrating its eighteenth year, a group of volunteers known as the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic will again launch the festivities and fill the skies of Windsor, California with color and light! The 2007 Hot Air Balloon Classic is a two-day event at Keiser Park in Windsor that begins early Saturday, July 12 and wraps up Sunday, July 13. Opportunities are available for volunteers, sponsorship, and spectators to contribute to the event. Funds raised benefit local charitable organizations.

One of the most spectacular sights during the Hot Air Balloon Classic is known as the Dawn Patrol . These early risers begin their weekend mornings before daylight to launch at 5 a.m. Dedicated balloon pilots use heat to fill their balloons during the dark morning, making for a breathtaking sight. For those who consider 5 a.m. too early and have not yet risen, many more balloons lift off during the Main Launch at 6:30 a.m. While the balloons fly overhead, the park will be host to food, music, and crafts vendors who turn out to serve spectators and enjoy the festivities, which run until 11 am.

Proceeds from the festival benefit the following charitable organizations:

• Sonoma County Literacy Connection
• Windsor Education Foundation
• Town of Windsor Non Profit Fund

Official Website: http://www.schabc.org

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The date has changed since it was posted in December :
New date is June 28–29, 2008

one tow

Why is there no information on the Sonoma County Hot Air Baloon Festival tethered balloon rides or what food is available.

If I'm going to spend gas money to go, I'd like to know other costs that might be incured. Food; should we eat first or what kind of food is available. How is one to make an informed decision if one wants to go without enough information to make an intellegent decision???????

The main Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival is lacking, sorely lacking, and so are any other websites related to it.


Get a grip -- which public event publishes it's a la carte menu with prices. ? NONE that I know of. And I agree -- some are seriously overcharging customers in every way they can.

Yes -- there is food & drink. Yes -- it is not as cheap as the scraps from a supermarket of McD. So what's different between this and other public events ?

Personally, I have found that the SCHABC is in the moderately priced category and the food you get actually tastes REALLY GOOD.
If you're on a budget --during this weekend, the McDonalds that's along the road to the event, opens already at 5:00am.