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San Francisco, California

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The beauty of the barcamp format is that while it was originally born from a very hardcore geek background, it can be adapted to "camp" just about anything (BaconCamp anyone?). This has helped to popularize the unconference a great deal in recent years, which is fantastic for everyone. But through all of this, a group of us who met at the BarCamp Africa Silicon Valley last year have stayed in contact and met up at various other events. We talked about how having an event that returned to these geeky roots, which would be great, especially if it focused on Africa-related geeky stuff.

Why make the focus so "narrow"? Simple. Coding for the United States is different than coding for Europe and in turn is different than coding for Africa. For instance, multilingual interfaces aren't such a problem in the US and developing for low bandwidth isn't really a concern in the US or Europe, and these are just a few of many differences. African projects require rethinking one's approach and in that process comes different and unique innovations.

PariSoMa, a cool co-working space in San Francisco's SOMA district, showed an interest in seeing it happen as they're hoping to establish co-working spaces in a couple of countries in Africa at some point in the near future. With their nudge and our desires to "go geek", so was born the AfricaCodeCamp, an event focused on being for African coders or those coding projects for Africa.

So on the 4th of October we'll get as many of these innovators as possible together in one place in San Francisco, to problem solve and work together to make all of our hacking even better. This particular date was chosen as it's the day after The Africa Network Conference (TANCon) in Palo Alto, who we are partnering with to provide an entire weekend of getting African tech innovators together in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope to see you there or at another AfricaCodeCamp elsewhere in the world!


Date: October 4th, 2009
Time: 12:00-18:00
Location: PariSoMa
1436 Howard Street, San Francisco, California


TBA, but will be either free or with a small fee to cover some drinks, snacks, and a t-shirt of the event that you'll be able to wear proudly and without shame even after the event.


We're looking for one or more sponsors to help us cover the basics to make this first AfricaCodeCamp an enjoyable experience.

Please contact us if you'd like to sponsor its: [email protected]

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Official Website: http://barcampafrica.com/sub/eng/code/articles/vni1253582805/

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