100 Northern Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Anish Kapoor
May 30 - September 7, 2008
Anish Kapoor is regarded as one of Britain's most accomplished contemporary sculptors, and this exhibition will afford American audiences a long overdue opportunity to experience the clarity, subtlety and power of his art. The exhibition will include sculptures and installations made since 1980 and will be the first major survey of the artist's work in the U.St. in 15 years. Kapoor's art has evolved into an abstract and perceptually complex exploration of the sculptural object as at once monumental and evanescent, present and absent, physical and ethereal. Using the materials of classical sculpture, including stone and bronze, as well as newly applied forms of aluminum, pigment, enamel, resin, polymer and PVC, Kapoor creates sculpture that is viscerally captivating and conceptually resonant.

Official Website: http://www.icaboston.org/about/pressreleases/upcoming-2008/

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