University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588

Welcome to Anime NebrasKon 2007!

We are a growing convention located in Lincoln, Nebraska, based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We are founded by the fine members of Otaku Jinrui, the UNL Anime Club. And as with last year, our goal is to become one of the largest and most popular conventions in the Midwest. How do we plan on accomplishing that?

By throwing a weekend party that we can truly appreciate. ;)

We cater to gamers, anime fans, and people sitting on the fence. This convention is founded by people who truly care about the medium. We want to have a blast right alongside with you. We want everyone who comes to Nebraska to our convention to have a time so entertaining and amazing that they'll never forget it.

We're an all-ages event, so bring the kids. Come with an open mind, and we'll have a wild time. You want something? Tell us. Talk to us in the forums. E-mail us. We take pride in being open and friendly and listening to everyone. Stay tuned, for we're going to post in due time our guest announcements, contests and events. And lemme tell you, we can't WAIT to see everyone here for another awesome year!

Official Website:

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I missed this last year, but I'm SO going this year!