5855 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Tadao Tomomatsu, Toastmaster
Kyle Hebert, Voice Actor Guest of Honor
The Spoony Bards, Music Guest of Honor
Jessica Gaona, Artist Guest of Honor
"Bekka the Alice" (Becca Feiner), Fan Guest of Honor

Some Animé Los Angeles features

Con Suite. We are still the only anime convention in California that has a hospitality suite open every day to all members, where you can stop by and get a free soft drink and a snack to tide you over between meals.

Comfy seating. We have beanbag chairs and benches painted by our members for you to sit and converse at. (Conventions are where we have conversations. The reason so many people go to the convention is because so many people are going.)

Costume Repair Station. This room is open every day. Everything you might need to take care of a cosplay emergency, including duct tape, glue gun, black markers, safety pins, and a room full of master costumers with sewing machines. Get it fixed and get back out on the floor!

A registration bag with a program book and a pocket program (schedule grids). And in our program book you'll find plenty of information on the whole convention, including a complete list of the staff and committee as of when the program book was printed. (Well, I think it's very important, anyway. We're all volunteers here, and we want to give credit where credit is due.)

Dances every night. Three nights, actually, because we're going to have a dance on the night before the convention starts. We have a contract with the hotel that allows to us dance all night if we want to -- hotel security won't be shutting us down at 1:00 am, nope, not this time.

Easy to read badges. Well, I think it's important: your badge is your introduction to all your new friends, including people you've chatted with online but haven't met in person. And if this is your first time at Animé Los Angeles, we have a special badge ribbon for you (First Timer or My First Time). Speaking of badge ribbons, if you're coming from outside California, we also have a ribbon for you so you can proudly show the rest of the convention your Saskatchewan pride or wherever you're from.

Photo Gathering Room with lights and backdrop, where you can pose for photos without blocking the hall.

Hall Costume Awards. Hall Costume Accessory Awards. Cosplay Gatherings where you can find other fans with costumes from the same series.

Masquerade on Saturday night, run under ICG Guidelines. And plenty of helpful people to get you started if you've never been on stage before, or want to make your presentation better. And we'll be able to schedule full tech run-throughs on Saturday, because we're not putting anything else in that room.

Dealers. Artists' Alley. Live program panels. Three video program rooms -- anime, J-movies, and AMVs. Video games and live gaming too. We also have a Music and Karaoke room where a dozen different bands will be performing over the weekend. A small number of Guests of Honor -- we don't dilute the honor by inviting a hundred special guests. There will be several dozen or more other people on our live programs, but the Guests of Honor are the handful that we've chosen to spotlight.

Everything under one roof at the LAX Marriott. Restaurants within easy walking distance, and we give you a Restaurant Guide to help you find something you'd like to have for dinner.

Fan tables where you'll find some other conventions that you might be interested in attending. (Conventions are about community. We encourage other convention committees to come and join us, and we give them fan table space because the community is important to us.)

"Rum Party." (No actual rum, just a lot of pirate foolishness.) "Cosplay Chess." (32 fans dressed as different anime characters on a giant chessboard, and two players directing the game.) "Old School" theme on Sunday.

More questions? Use the link at left to get yourself a login for this website, then post your question on our Forums.

If you're a LiveJournal user, join our LiveJournal community.

And a whole bunch of us are active on the Cosplay.com forums for the convention.

As the convention grows closer, more of the sections of the website will be filled out. As I write this, there are still five months to go, so there are a lot of details that haven't been finalized and can't be announced yet. Rest assured that there's more to the convention than just what I've told you here, and remember: the convention doesn't end at six o'clock!

Official Website: http://www.animelosangeles.org/ala/

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