1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2022
Dallas, Texas 75207

This event is an organizational meeting (i.e. the first meeting) for an idea for an angel/entrepreneur group I wrote about here:


The basic idea is to form a group designed to a) generate LOCAL dealflow for angel investors, b) assist entrepreneurs in the creation of fundable startups and c) provide investment capital for startups. Instead of charging angels and entrepreneurs a fee to participate require that they instead invest their time.

If you are interested in helping organize this group I invite you to attend. At this time we are seeking a) angels with experience, b) angels without experience, c) entrepreneurs interested in helping and d) entrepreneurs interested in pitching. The idea is not to create an angel group in secret or without the input of entrepreneurs, but to instead create it by and for all parties.

Official Website: http://springstage.pbwiki.com/angel-startup-meetup

Added by amuse on August 11, 2008