3286 22nd St
San Francisco, California 94110

This Friday is my last day working on Upcoming, the community I started four years ago. (More details here.)

Please join me at the Latin American Club on Friday night for drinks, where I'll toast Upcoming and the community that made it so great. Thank you so much, everybody.

The bar's cash only, so hit the ATM before you head over. First round's on me!

Official Website: http://www.waxy.org/archive/2007/11/12/outgoing.shtml

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Upcoming, Incoming, & now, Outgoing. Thank you for everything, Andy. Best wishes!


Good luck!


Congrats Andy! Though I think your estimate on the number of people attending this shindig is about to be tested...


Alas, we'll be in New Zealand, but congrats and can't wait to see what's next!


I'll be in Carmel that night, but best wishes.


Change breeds growth! Nice!


wow -- i remember when you first moved up here! crazy. will definitely try to stop by.


So sad that I'll be in Los Angeles -- have a great time buddy.


I'll absolutely try and make it old chap. Would be lovely to see you.


Heh, this is the 15th most popular event on Upcoming right now. I'll see you punks at the bar!


Good Luck Andy


Thanks for providing such a great site. Good luck!


Andy, from the moment I met you, you have been a bright and shining light of all that is good about Yahoo. Upcoming rocks so hard, and its been such an important addition to Flickr, enabling us to list Flickr community meetups and help members find each other around the world. How utterly awesome. And tonight, in the final act, you continue to show what it takes to make a party happen - you host it. You are awesome, and I'll miss you so much.


Thanks so much to everybody who came out. I was surrounded by fun and interesting people I admire all night, and it was an honor to buy you all booze.