2102 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, California 94704

I know you all have been waiting for an excuse to come check out the East Bay. Well here it is!

It's my 30th b-day & preliminary plans are in the works. After the
Geek Field Trip to Takara Sake, I'm inviting everybody to head to Jupiter to keep the party rolling. (Note the new location)

Located near BART, Jupiter has a great outdoor area for us to congregate in an informal setting. They also have 30 brews on tap and great wood-fired pizzas and baked focaccia sandwiches.

Apres dinner, we'll head to the city for drinks & shenanigans.

An evite was sent in order to get a rough count. If you didn't get it, I probably don't have your email. Hit me up at andy at myeastbayagent dot com & we'll get one out to you.

Added by andy kaufman on January 16, 2006



Wouldn't miss it buddy...


I'll join you in the city. I have a very busy work week and being waaaay down in the Peninsula makes it difficult to get out there in time. ;)


we will still be joining you, but I need to reschedule the geek field trip (bummer when work interrupts the fun, but its good for everyone in the end)