Oosterdokskade 5
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Hey world, I am looking for housing from the 1st of March around the center in Amsterdam, up to about ?700, rooms are okay. If you feel like forwarding me to any of your cool friends, here is a nice bit of email you can send them:

Programmer dude from California currently residing -- well... trying to reside -- in Amsterdam, seeking housing from the 1st of March for up to about ?700. Friendly, open source, enjoys music, big breakfasts and Belgian beer.

Around the center would be nice, fun housemates would be nice too. Free tech support for housemates :)

Contact me, Andy Smith at 06.5599.4930.

Upon finding a location for myself, the party location will be moved there, thanks a bunch :)

Added by termie on February 18, 2006



Good luck finding a place to warm :)

miss ya! xo

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