1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2022
Dallas, Texas 75207

In the spirit of iPhoneDevCamp, AndroidDevCamp seeks to capitalize on the release of the first mobile phone running Google's open source operating system, Android. The power of Android isn't grounded in a particular carrier or handset maker, instead the power of Android comes from you - the developer. The promise of Android is great, with backers including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Nvidia and Wind River System (all members of the Open Handset Alliance).

Come be a part of the future of mobile phones and build applications based on a set of open standards for ALL mobile devices. Dallas is home to not just one Android Challenge Winner, but TWO! Rylan Barnes, the original developer of GoCart (now ShopSavvy) will be demonstrating his application and sharing his year long odessy of development on the Android platform. Jason Hudgins, part of the team that developed TuneWiki, will also be demonstrating his application and sharing his experiences with Android as well.

Event Details -
AndroidDevCamp 1 - Dallas, is being sponsored by SpringStage and hosted in the Big in Japan/Architel offices located in the Dallas INFOMART. We can support around 75 'campers' for the day.

Contacts -
AndroidDevCamp is sponsored by SpringStage and organized by Anuj Bhatia, Alexander Muse, Rylan Barnes and Jason Hudgins. If you are interested in sponsoring, helping, organizing or hosting an event please email Alexander Muse at amuse 'at' m-ven.com.

Official Website: http://androiddevcamp.pbwiki.com/AndroidDevCamp+I+-+Dallas,+TX

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I'm going.


Hello! For those that are going, consider posting who you are and what you are most interested in talking about at the camp. For myself, I want to make the best use of the time possible, so a little knowledge of other participants helps me prepare.

So here's me...

NAME: Erik Hermansen
ORGANIZATION: Ethical Spender (http://ethicalspender.org)
TITLE: President
INTERESTS: Barcode scanning, technology-assisted spending, integration with semantic web, applications that reflect and empower ethical beliefs
SELFISH AGENDA: Get developers to understand what IPORR is and use it

If there is a better place to put this stuff, that's cool. Lacking that, I think it would be fine if people would just post this kind of information here.


I'm a maybe...

Is there any kind of agenda or topics of discussions? Any training or tutorials? Is this going to be an openspace type get together?


I'll be attending, just keep me posted =]


I'm pumped, and I hope this rocks my freakin' face off!


NAME: William Francis
ORGANIZATION: SoftLayer(www.softlayer.com)
TITLE: Software Developer
INTERESTS: Embedded Development, System Software, Device Driver Development


I own a company that develops on the iphone. I am looking to partner with a current Android Developer for a new project. I will be attending the meeting but would like to maybe meet a little early to talk. If anyone is interested, please email me


NAME: Shaun "TheHawk" Brand
ORGANIZATION: Raptor Media Services
TITLE: President / Owner
INTERESTS: Smart Home Development, Multimedia Streaming, Productivity Software


This looks great, I wish it was closer so I could go.