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Andreas Tilliander (Kompakt, Force Inc | Stockholm | http://www.repeatle.com/) @ Re:Cycle @ the Phoenix Landing

->>>> "they say that to be a good poet, the first thing you should do is to stop sleeping at night. and the same should apply for music, when the music is of the kind andreas tilliander makes: poetic in the sense that every sound, every part, is there for a reason. andreas tilliander's name has, in the last two years, gone from complete oblivion to become almost synonymous with the so called 'clicks & cuts' movement that has blossomed in the last few years. the attention came with the album 'ljud', which gained reputation far beyond the narrowest electronic music circles. the interest for his music has never been greater."

Here's an MP3 sampling from Ideal Recordings: She Don't Dub

Added by Clampants on October 14, 2005