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If you voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and still haven't heard the last of it, this film is for you.

While revealing the tragic flaws of liberalism and liberal guilt, it reminds us of Nader's whole story, from his days as a super-star consumer advocate to his third party presidential run in 2000. In the light of his one most notorious act, his third party candidacy, people seem to forget that Nader's humanity has saved hundreds of thousands of lives and made the US a leader in safety in the home, the highways, the environment and the workplace.

The film is unabashedly pro-Nader, but also liberally airs the other side of the coin in many interviews with, not enemies, but friends. Like Weather Underground, the talking heads don't explicate just one side of the story. They are complex people who have an enormous amount of integrity (well, not all of them) and political savvy but who are intensely human, which means they make mistakes and they know others do too.

At the beginning of the film President Jimmy Carter admonishes Nader to go back to fighting against rear end collisions. It's a moment beneath Carter's usual dignity, but it's also provocative and the main thesis of the film. The man who comes off worst in the film is liberal icon Michael Moore. Nader is clearly everything Moore is not.

Official Website: http://www.realartways.org/cinema.htm#unreasonableMan

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