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This webinar will cover the basics of process validation for pharmaceutical products and give you a strong understanding of what is involved. It will provide beginners an understanding of the validation master plan, validation protocols, IQ, OQ, PQ and types of validation.

Why Should You Attend:

With new manufacturing technologies increasingly becoming a larger part of our pharmaceutical product supply, validation is gaining in importance to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Whether a firm performs its own validation, hires a validation contractor or delegates the responsibility to a third party contract manufacturer, the ultimate responsibility always falls to the firm whose name appears on the label. The only way that this can be done with confidence is to have an adequate number of validation experts on staff. Since many firms believe that they no longer need an in-house validation staff, they have done away with this overhead cost. Now it is essential to have a minimal on-site validation presence. Since there are very few validation experts today. It is often necessary to train people in this lost art.

This webinar will cover the basics of validation. This 60-minute session will expose beginners to the basics of the process and give them a strong understanding of what is involved.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

- What is validation and why is it important
- Validation master plan
- Validation protocols
- IQ
- OQ
- PQ
- Summary Report
- Types of validation

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