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This course is aimed at journalists who have not yet embarked on a financial journalism career but who want or need a broad knowledge of what to watch in economic affairs, how companies work and an overview of financial markets. This will open the doors for journalists who want to explore financial journalism as a career opportunity.

Course tutor: Keith Stafford

Date: Monday 11 May, 2009
Time: 10.00-17.00
Venue: The Frontline Club, London W2 (near Paddington station)
Number of places: 8
Cost: £320 (+£48 VAT) including lunch.

The credit crunch has now reached you. As a general news reporter you are being asked to write more about what is happening in the economy, markets and companies in difficulty. The vocabulary is frightening and where do you start? How can you conduct interviews when the background is hard to understand and laced with jargon. What exactly is a credit default swap?

In this intensive one-day event we will launch you into financial markets, the world economy and company balance sheets.

We will explain:

1. Economic issues using an easy-to-grasp news editing model:

* Global risk.
* Economic performance and key statistics.
* Economic growth.
* Inflation and deflation.
* Balance of payments.

2. Company organisation and the statements to watch:

* Shares and raising money on the stock exchange.
* Company reports and accounts.
* The importance of corporate debt.

3. The language of banking:

* Central banks and monetary policy.
* Interest rates.
* Bonds and Treasury bills.
* Yield curves.

4. How markets work:

* Stock markets, the FT-100
* Foreign exchange
* Bond market
* Commodity markets
* Introduction to derivatives

5. Financial journalism approach:

* Basic standards
* Legal dangers
* Ethical considerations

About Keith Stafford
Keith has worked as a journalist for more than 35 years, mainly as a foreign correspondent for the Reuters news agency in cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow and Washington. He is now a global consultant to international companies, European institutions and charities that teach journalism in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

He still works as a journalist, editing financial publications and working as chief sub-editor and journalism trainer for the Olympic News Service at the Beijing 2008 Summer Games, the Turin Winter Olympic Games 2006, and the 2006 Asian Games in Qatar. He is an external examiner for Sheffield University’s journalism department.

Keith started his journalism career on the York Evening Press and Newcastle Journal and then joined Reuters, completing 30 years there in the position of financial editor and then head of editorial training.

For more information about Keith Stafford and his training services, please visit The Financial Journalism Co. Ltd.

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