110 Huntington Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

In late 2005, two internationally recognized web authorities—web standards godfather Jeffrey Zeldman and world-renowned CSS expert Eric Meyer—got together to create the kind of web design conference they would want to attend. Their new conference wouldn’t be just for designers. It wouldn’t be just for coders. Attendees would gain a deeper understanding of web standards, of course. But they would also encounter a world of emerging best practices and inspiring new ideas.

Official Website: http://www.aneventapart.com/events/2008/boston/

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I'd really, really like to come to AEA Boston this year. Will just depend on the cost! Thinking about it...


In two jam-packed 9.5-hour-long days of learning and inspiration, you’ll hear about the very latest best practices in web design, standards adoption, user experience, front-end coding, and development strategies from…

Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing With Web Standards, on understanding the very nature of web design itself

Eric Meyer, author of CSS: The Definitive Guide, on the lessons we can draw from popular CSS frameworks and ways to use CSS to make your development and debugging easier

Kimberly Blessing, Web Development Platform Team Lead at PayPal, on defining and spreading standards in the enterprise

Doug Bowman, Visual Design Lead at Google, on design principles that scale up beyond your wildest dreams

Andy Budd, author of CSS Mastery, on the nine keys to a perfect user experience

Christopher Fahey, Founding Partner at Behavior, on the relationship between form, function, and style

Peter-Paul Koch, author of ppk on JavaScript, on best practices in unobtrusive and maintainable scripting

Ethan Marcotte, co-author of Web Standards Creativity, on bridging the gap between high-end design (and designers) and standards-compliant coding

Jason Santa Maria, Designer at Happy Cog, on telling and evolving stories with great design

Jared Spool, Founder of User Interface Engineering, on which of the five types of navigation page works best in which circumstances

Jeff Veen, Design Manager at Google, on cutting through the Web 2.0 hype to find the design lessons embedded within

Luke Wroblewski, author of Web Form Design Best Practices, on the ways good design can smoothly guide users through web applications