South of I-30 and West of I-35
Dallas, Texas 75208

An Evening with Maulana Zainulabedin Kazmi

Internationally Known Sufi Saint

May 15, 2006, 7:00PM

Center for Spirituality
408 W. 8th Street, Suite 102
Dallas, TX 75208

Linda McLemore, [email protected]

Bring a bottle of water and a bottle of olive oil to be blessed for your
own use.

(Maulana will chat the 108 names of God and then do individual healings)

Maulana is a very High and Holy Sufi Saint traveling the world and
serving people for the Will of God. With his magnificent sweetness and
love, Maulana will speak of true spirituality, mercy, sweetness, love,
unity, and peace. Maulana will lead zikr (praising/chanting in the
remembrance of God which cleans and puts comfort in people's hearts),
Maulana will offer physical, emotional and mental healing, and Maulana
will provide spiritual guidance to anyone who asks.

Maulana comes from a 1500 year old unbroken Golden Chain of Sufi Masters
who embody the highest principles of true spirituality. Originally from
India, then Pakistan, and now London, England, Maulana has spent his
life serving millions of people in many, many countries. Maulana offers
his servanthood to all people regardless of color, creed, race or religion.

Maulana has been blessed from birth. Maulana began his intense
preparation and training at the age of six and began healing people at
the age of eleven. His lectures, full of wisdom, bless each person in
his presence.

Maulana has traveled through 45 states in America covering over 150,000
miles by road since 1999 lecturing, teaching, making zikr and healing
people for the Will of God in universities, lecture halls, churches,
places of worship, spiritual centers, city council chambers, healing and
retreat centers, hospitals, book centers, homes and through radio and TV
broadcasts and programs.

All are welcome to join in this special evening of zikr, healing, and

Love Offering Please email [email protected]

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