259 Upper Street, Highbury
London, England N1

Here's the first of our free shows at Jamm for this year...

An Evening With A Little Orchestra
A Little Orchestra + The Madrigals + Shirley Lee + Haiku Salut + Simon from The Loves + Andy from Pocketbooks + Matt and Sharon of A Fine Day For Sailing

Buffalo Bar, just outside Highbury tube station
Thursday 26th January

We kick off 2012 with a special January evening in the company of A Little Orchestra. The 12 strong orchestra, who made their debut performance at HDIF Presents in March 2010, will be set up permanently on the stage, and then bands or singers will join them, either for a full set, or just a song or two. Throughout the evening, there will be full sets from The Madrigals, Shirley Lee, Haiku Salut and A Little Orchestra themselves, and guest songs by Simon from The Loves, Andy from Pocketbooks and Matt and Sharon of A Fine Day For Sailing.

A Little Orchestra
A small London-based pop orchestra led by Monster Bobby of The Pipettes, A Little Orchestra formed in February 2010 and played their debut gig at HDIF Presents at Jamm. They've since collaborated with the likes of Darren Hayman and Pocketbooks.

The Madrigals
A five piece from London, The Madrigals make music that is influenced by traditional English folk music but sounds more like Electrelene and Sufjan Stevens. "Every song is a new and exciting adventure with banjos being swapped for violins, guitars for xylophones and accordians and it is all very exciting," said Tasty Zine, which sounds good to us.

Shirley Lee
We're very excited to be hosting another rare live appearance by Shirley Lee, the frontman of indiepop/northern soul pioneers Spearmint. Shirley will be performing solo, just him and his acoustic guitar, playing songs from his debut solo album, which came out in 2009, and his second, "Winter Autumn Summer Spring".

Haiku Salut
Easily our favourite new band of the year, this female trio were once members of The Deirdres, but now make swoonsome instrumental music in the vein of Yann Tierssen, early Mum, and Detektivbyran, featuring accordions, banjos, xylophones and more.

7.30pm Doors open
8pm-8.30pm - A Little Orchestra
8.45pm-9.15pm - Haiku Salut
9.30pm-10pm - Shirley Lee
10.15pm - The Madrigals

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