Voetboogstraat 11
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Lightning Talks!
The first two that we can announce are:
Big-data, NLP and Semantic Smarts, all in JS - by Domiek ter Heide
Dominiek develops web apps and businesses; has been coding Ruby and RubyOnRails for a long time, but has become pretty excited about JS and NodeJS. Some JS articles he wrote:
Facebook Connect with NodeJS: http://howtonode.org/facebook-connect
The Rise of JS and the New Server-side: http://synaptify.com/?p=613702
JS Libraries, inspired by Scala - by Peter Robinett
More info: http://www.bubblefoundry.com/blog/tag/javascript/
Peter specialises in building websites for web startups and enjoys taking clients’ ideas and developing a design, architecting a system, and then building it. His website has information on philosophy and approach to website creation, while the blog is where you can find his latest thoughts on startups and web programming.
More details on the location can be found here.
We'll be on the lookout for everyone. If you get lost or simply cannot find it, give Mike a call at +31644838459 .
There's power plugs, WiFi (don't rely on it too much, you know how it goes with public WiFi).
The AmsterdamJS diet will consist of beer or soda and crisps. There is a chance we'll get more creative while we're getting groceries, but just don't count on it ;)
We're looking forward to see many familiar faces again tomorrow and hopefully even more unfamiliar ones!

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