Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

From the organisers blog:

Last few years, I’ve organized the Amsterdam Java Meetup on a (pretty much) quarterly basis. The last Java Meetup was somewhere late last year and I haven’t gotten around to planning anything since. It’s about time again, so here goes:

* What: beer, wine and snacks while discussing tech stuff
* When: March 13th, 2009, from 5.30pm onwards
* Where: Grand Cafe de Jaren, de Nieuwe Doelenstraat, Amsterdam ( )
* Why: because the first few beers will be free :-) because it’s a nice happening and it’s good to meet each other once every now and then. Maybe we can all start complaining about the credit crunch or so…

Also, after having received many requests, I’ve started a Google Group for the Java Meetup. There, I’ll be announcing future dates for the Java Meetup. Well, I’ll also keep on doing it on this blog and some other places, but if you want to have the dates delivered right to your inbox, please subscribe to the Dutch Developer Meetup Google Group.

You might wonder why the Google Group is not called Amsterdam Java Meetup, but Dutch Developer Meetup instead. Well, I figured we might want to discuss other technologies as well from time to time, so although it still is named the Java Meetup, maybe I’ll just go and rename it somewhere in the future :D . Also, I don’t want to limit myself to Amsterdam. Maybe there’s a huge developer crowd in Loppersum that we haven’t heard of yet that needs bringing together, which means we have to organize a Loppersum Java Meetup…

In the meantime, if you have ideas about the meetup, want to join, or just want to give your comments, join the group!

Official Website:

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