Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

After the holiday season (at in the Netherlands that is) has ended, I thought it would be time for another Amsterdam Java Meetup. So, we reserved the good-old Jaren in the Nieuwe Doelenstraat again, for having a few (paid-for) drinks with fellow Java developers and everybody else that wants to join in.

We're doing this in the same week as the Core AOP course, held in Amsterdam, which is quite convenient for me, since now I'm sure I will be in town as opposed to some of the other meetups where I couldn't be present myself.

Again, the location is the same as last time. As usual, everybody will be standing in the bar area. Last but not least: do not expect fancy presentations, just come for the beer, wine, sodas, and chats about Java and holidays.

Added by alef.arendsen on August 19, 2008



cool, what time does it start?


I'll be there

Wilfred Springer

My free beer radar warning just went off. Count me in.


answer to self: 6pm