Mt. Ondinaweg 15-17
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Quick! What is better: browse or search?
Let me guess: "It depends...?"
Not good enough!

Find out the answer in The Battle of the Interfaces at the next
Amsterdam IA Cocktail Hour in the IJ-Kantine on Wednesday, February
15, 2006!

In the red corner, our hosts and sponsor Medialab Solutions
( have developed their Aquabrowser solution to
support visual browsing of large information spaces. Their main
weapon: a "word cloud". They target their product at libraries,
amongst others.

In the blue corner, Elsevier Science ( is a
scientific publishing house that has embraced the web as a delivery
medium. They have spent the last couple of years developing Scopus,
their flagship search product. They too see librarians as their
market. Their secret weapon: Phillipino taggers!

On February 15, from 18:00 onwards, these two heavyweights will
showcase their respective solutions by explaining their products'
history, supported content, target users, design approaches, and of
course their interfaces. Afterwards you should be able to determine
what solution suits your needs best, and you can fight about the
specifics over a snack and a drink. Because IAs are friendly people,

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