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Screening: American Masters: Robert Capa in Love and War - £5
Followed by Q&A with Capa's Life Picture Editor John G Morris

A celebration of the life and work of the Hungarian-born Capa (1913-1954), a man widely recognised as one of the greatest war photographers of all time who vividly recorded no fewer than five wars.

Capa first achieved fame during the Spanish Civil War of 1936 with his heartbreaking Falling Soldier, capturing the death of a Spanish freedom fighter at the moment of the bullet's impact. Capa went on to photograph several of the major battles of WWII, including D-day (his coverage of this epochal event inspired the harrowing opening sequence in Saving Private Ryan).

His brilliance with the camera transformed Capa into an international celebrity, bringing him in close contact with several other notables, among them actress Ingrid Bergman, with whom he had a brief romance (her daughter Isabella Rosellini is among those interviewed in this documentary). Capa was killed in action when he stepped on a landmine while covering the French-Indochina war of the early '50s.

Official Website: http://www.frontlineclub.com

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