1695 Polk Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94109

3 Local Bands for 3 bucks !
October 24th Wednesay night
Doors at 8:00 pm ~

Yes, that's right folks and you get to hear some great live music, have fun and hang out with us and your friends ~

This is our first time playing this great venue in SF and you're invited!

Our music is in the vein of Pj Harvey, Jeff Buckley, and Zeppelin.
AMALGAMATION's set is at 8:30 pm - so be sure and come early.
There are 2 bands to follow: Stone Cold Soul and Anthem Central.

Here's a review of AMALGAMATION from former
Sony Executive Kirsten Maynard:

"Mystical and deeply relevant writing combined with the band's technical precision and singer Robin Lovejoy's encompassing range and power, Amalgamation brings us back to the roots of rock while pushing us forward into an important new construction of music. The group's live performance is unbeatable, offering power and subtlety with tunes that hearken to the best of Zeppelin and Sabbath, but elevated by the precious beauty of Lovejoy's voice."

See you there!

Official Website: http://www.reddevillounge.com/calendar_july.html

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