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The truth is, marketers have never had an easy time breaking through the clutter and reaching their target markets ever. In this era of ever-increasing marketing accountability, marketers are accountable for more than results, you need to be aware of how consumers from around the globe and across the street are interacting with your brands and conversing about your products. Consumer-led marketing is changing how customers interact with your brand and transforming your business. Are you prepared?
The American Marketing Association Hot Topic, Ahead of the Curve High Tech Trends in Marketing: Using Podcasts, Online Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Other High Tech Media to Re-shape Your Online Strategy, will give you an eagles eye view of the time-shifted, networked and high power forms of consumer based marketing and how they are changing your marketing landscape. Speakers on topics ranging from Podcasting and RSS to Online Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Social Networking and Power Laws of the Internet will provide you with a high level diagnosis of marketing today and a detailed analysis of how to channel these new consumer-connecting media to benefit your marketing organization.


All past attendees of AMA's Hot Topic Series on Blogging.
Marketing Managers and Directors or senior management interested in utilizing new technology as part of their organization's marketing strategy.
Advertising agency professionals who want to integrate on-demand tools as part of the marketing mix.

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