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HowWasTheShow's 4th Anniversary Party

Mark your calendar for one of the biggest local music celebrations of 2006. On Saturday, May 27th at the Turf Club, HowWasTheShow celebrates four years on the internet as one of the Twin Cities' most trusted sources of live-music coverage with a party featuring music by Alva Star, White Light Riot, The Alarmists, Stook, and the Debut. The party also serves as a joint birthday soiree for the website's founder David de Young, and new editor Andrea Myers. If you add up the years, David and Andrea will be turning 65, but despite their joint age, don't expect early retirement from either of them on this particular night.

By all reports, last year's HWTS party was one of the most scintillating local music showcases of 2005. Again this year, as has been customary, de Young will perform a two-song set of original material (with the Alarmists as his backing band). Myers will also take the stage to play flute with White Light Riot. Be sure not to miss this turning of the tables as the critics become musicians again for a brief, shining moment.

The event is sponsored by Vamp Music Source and will feature paparazzi photography by Mordac.org (see last year's photos here) and party favors courtesy of the sponsors. It kicks off early with music at 9PM. $6. See http://www.howwastheshow.com for more information.

The Lineup:

Alva Star (http://www.alvastar.com)

John Hermanson's "sweet and timeless" power-group, Alva Star, has reemerged on the scene. Their first album, Alligators in the Lobby, earned them Best New Band at the Minnesota Music Awards in 2001. Their next album, Escalator, which debuted four years later, is a lush concept album featuring dreamy stream-of-consciousness tunes written and recorded simultaneously. Alva Star's busy who's-who line-up is currently Hermanson (The Hopefuls, Storyhill) in lead; Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota, Hopefuls) on guitar; Brian Roessler (Electropolis, The Fantastic Merlins) on bass; and Eric Fawcett (Spy Mob, Hopefuls) on drums. [ZB]

White Light Riot (http://www.whitelightriot.com)

A band on the rise, White Light Riot has caught the ear of Minneapolis and is gaining in popularity among budding frat boys and aging hipsters alike. With a sound that ranges between the Cure and the Killers (in the best way possible), WLR plays music that is impeccably timed and professionally presented – impressive stuff for a crew of just-barely-twentysomethings. Their debut album, The Dark is Light Enough (produced by Erik Appelwick), leaves the listener longing for more tracks from this breakout band. [AM]

The Alarmists (http://www.thealarmists.com)

The Alarmists make music for the bored and weary masses, for those sick of the hum-drum repetition of mainstream rock and pop. Though their songwriting pays homage to some of their biggest influences – including the Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead and Wilco – they have managed to craft a sound that is incredibly fresh, at times so familiar that it's impossible not to sing along, while at others bending the concept of pop music to include dramatic chord changes and unexpected tempo and rhythmic changes. [AM]

Stook (http://www.stook.com)

Who's this Stook guy you keep hearing about? Stook is Joshua Stuckey, a pretty down to earth dude with some great songs and lots of charisma. At first listen you may wonder what's the big deal? Then the music starts sinking in, and you realize Stook may be doing what a lot of people are doing, but he's not only nailing it, but you like him, you really do. When Andrea Myers told me, "I have a feeling Stook's going to be kind of big," I believed her. On his website, he says he's "hoping for 2006 to be a banner year." We're pretty sure that's going to be the case. [DD ]

The Debut (http://www.thedebut.com)

One of the Cities' best undiscovered new talents, the Debut blend their pop and rock influences to create a sound that is catchy, sunny and fun. Currently headed into the studio to record their first full-length album with producer Darren Jackson, these guys are destined to be one of the best new bands of 2007. [AM]

Official Website: http://howwastheshow.com/

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