3001 S Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas TX

The ALT.NET Conference applies Open Space Technology to create a dialog between people who are trying to learn ALT.NET practices and people who are working toward communicating the practices.

Over a day and a half of breakout sessions, demonstrations, and conversations, participants will consider three critical questions affecting the community:

* As a developer interested in ALT.NET, what should I learn and how do I learn it?
* As a community influencer, how can I communicate ALT.NET more effectively to people who are struggling to find knowledge and understanding amidst challenging and esoteric jargon?
* How will the ALT.NET community and practices respond to changes in programming technology and culture?

The primary goals of the participants and of the conference are to teach more people to use ALT.NET and to learn to do a better job of teaching ALT.NET. In the process, participants will have the opportunity to learn ALT.NET practices and tools from influencers in the ALT.NET community, and to give feedback to influencers on the experiences and challenges in learning the tools and practices.

Everyone at the ALT.NET Conference is a seeker. No one is a speaker. We're getting together to teach and to learn, and to have some fun over a weekend in one of the world's most creative cities. All levels of participants are welcome. We are committed to leaving no one behind... especially the teachers!

Official Website: http://www.altnetconf.com/home/index.castle

Added by cote on September 10, 2007