2552 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Three full days of informative and timely sessions covering Ruby on Rails and the future of web application engineering. The sessions are not simply blog posts, but will be full of wisdom, experience, lessons learned, war stories, and panel discussions, discussions, and most importantly debate.

Aloha on Rails embodies the aloha spirit of peace and compassion, and we welcome everyone from all the web development communities. If you build for the web, you will find aloha at this conference. The Rails community has much to share and learn from, all are welcome!


* Full day Rails Tutorial presented by RailsBridge
* Two days of solid content and stories
* Presentations from Chad Fowler, Obie Fernandez, Gregg Pollack, Anthony Eden, Desi McAdam, Jon Crosby, Scott Chacon, Blythe Dunham, Sarah Mei, Charles Nutter, Yehuda Katz, Alan Gates, Jim Weirich, Chris Selmer, Michael Nieling, Chad Pytel, Tammer Saleh, Corey Donohoe, Blake Mizerany, Marty Haught, Jon Larkowski, Pat Maddox, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Benjamin Sandofsky, and Nathaniel Brown
* Keynote
* Lunches and snacks both days
* Official T-Shirt
* Chance to win prizes
* Plenty of face time with your fellow developers, designers, and engineers
* The beautiful beaches and breathtaking sites of Hawaii

Your conference registration entitles you to much, much more more than a tremendous amount of quality content and a t-shirt. Attending Aloha on Rails is an investment in your career, a networking event, an education, and a vacation experience all wrapped up into one unique event.

Learn From The Best

Speakers at Aloha on Rails have published books, taught classes, lead successful teams, presented at numerous conferences, and are the contributors to the frameworks you use every day. More importantly, our speakers are friendly and come to these events to share and to learn.

Career Investment

When you register for Aloha on Rails, you are really saying, “I enjoy what I do, I want to get better, and I want to make an investment in my craft and career.” You will learn new techniques, question old assumptions, making friends and career contacts, and continue on your journey towards becoming a Master Craftsman. Employers notice when developers take active interest in their careers and their skill set. Peers notice it, too, and will continue to look to you for inspiration and direction.

Get Excited Again

After attending Aloha on Rails, and after all the engaging talks and stimulating discussions, you will return home energized and excited. Meeting fellow developers and learning that there are plenty of people that share your passions and interests (both in and out of web development) will re-ignite your enthusiasm for your craft. You’ll have a post-conference high!

Engaging Format

At Aloha on Rails, you aren’t simply an audience member, you are part of the experience and an active participant. You are encouraged to voice your opinion and discuss and debate. Aloha on Rails is read/write.

Network, network, network!

A major advantage of any conference is meeting your peers, talking story, and making contacts in your industry. With the relaxed setting of Hawaii and the smaller conference size, you’ll have an excellent chance to meet presenters and fellow attendees. Talk story, hack, even take a surfing lesson together. You’ll make friends and contacts with fellow developers and designers that will last well after the conference is over.

Presentations Are a Starting Point

No doubt the presentations will be engaging, informative and extremely relevant to any web developer. However, we consider the presentations to be more than that: they are gateways to debate and discourse! Our speakers will expose you to new ways of thinking about a problem or a new toolkit that will help you do things easier. They will challenge your assumptions and you will even disagree with some of them. Our presentations are designed to start a discussion that lasts well after the presentation has ended. Many people have said that the power of conferences are the hallway conversations after the presentation. We couldn’t agree more.

Rails Training - Learn Rails and Deploy an Application

Aloha on Rails embodies the aloha spirit of peace and compassion, and we welcome everyone from all the web development communities. When we heard that Rails Bridge has formed, with a mission to create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community, we knew we found an organization that help us spread the Aloha of Rails. We are excited to partner with Rails Bridge to bring you Rails Training in Paradise. Sarah Mei will lead you in writing, testing, and deploying your own Rails web application! This training is offered as part of your Aloha on Rails registration, and is designed to “boot strap” you into Rails so that you will be prepared for the conference. If you are new to Rails, or web development, this is your chance to experience the productivity and enjoyment of Rails. After your training is done, you’ll slide right into the conference and you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

Family Events

We know that many attendees will be bringing their families with them. I’m sure your spouse and/or children wouldn’t let you go to Hawaii by yourself. Aloha on Rails will run family events to the Honolulu Zoo and Honolulu Aquarium during the conference. Both activities are next door to the conference venue, easy to get to, and will provide a fun activity for the keiki (kids).

Waikiki, Hawaii

OK, I’ll play the “Hawaii Card.” Yes, the conference is in Waikiki, one of the world’s most famous beaches. Yes, you’re traveling to Hawaii, where you can attend spas or hike waterfalls all day. Yes, the hotel faces the beach and you’ll feel the trade winds breeze gently across your sun kissed skin. Yes, your friends will be jealous. Yes, there are 1001 things to do here. Yes, you’ll recharge, relax, and create life long memories of your vacation to Hawaii. And Yes, your host Seth Ladd will personally answer any travel questions you may have, thus ensuring you and your family have a wonderful time. OK, I’m done.

Aloha on Rails is a community driven, not-for-profit conference.
Please visit http://alohaonrails.com and follow @alohaonrails on Twitter for all the latest news.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=83813944777&index=1

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