38-38 43rd Street
New York City, New York 11101

There is an emptiness about the city in the summer. So many people are elsewhere. In September it has filled again, you are back, but still your mind wanders. Almost Something is an ode to those precious moments when your sensations are heightened and for an unmeasurable amount of time you are elsewhere.

Almost Something invites the viewer to wander Flux Factory, and get lost in the imaginations of more than 20 artists including works of painting, installation, performance, video, simple observations, sound, and text. Multiple tour guides by multiple critics have been written to lead one through very different versions of the same show. Upon closer inspection, some projects appear to be in every guide, some in just a few, some in none at all. Offered a variety of perspectives, the viewers are asked to piece together the reality of this show to their own liking.

Added by Marc00o on August 30, 2005