3955 Boulevard St.-Laurent
Montreal, Qu├ębec

Allister Bloomfield was born and raised in Yellowknife NT. A Subarctic climate north of the 60th parrelel. Yellowknife was named after the copper Indians who wore copper yellowish jewlery and also used copper knives. Yellowknife is mostlty a Miining town (Gold, Diamonds) but also is tourist town mostly because of the northern lights which can be euphoric to the sences.

Allister is a 23 year old 1 man acoustic guitar show. Allister played guitar since he was 12 and was mostly self taught and played in several rock n roll, alternative, punk bands around Yellowknife.. He played in Yellowknife at the Monkey tree ,and few contests. In Edmonton Alberta at Berry Tease and in Saskatoon at the Midway and in Montreal at Tuk Tuk, Buddhi Bar and Brewtopia. And His style consists of elements from blues, folk, rock n roll, and Grunge. His music doesnt sound too main stream nore does it want to be. His voice is raspy and his guitar can be close to falling over the edge but it doesnt.

Allisters Influences are Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, Sid Barret, Led Belly,Neil Young, Robert Johnson, and many more

Official Website: http://zekesgallery.blogspot.com

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