30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Sun, May 21 Panelists: Allison Anders, Hal Hartley, David O. Russell, John Waters
Moderator: Janet Maslin
Screenings: Gas Food Lodging; The Unbelievable Truth; Spanking the Monkey; Polyester

Screening & Discussion: $20
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Discussion Only: $15
Over the past 25 years, independent film has become a cinematic and cultural harbinger, stretching boundaries of social issues and artistic expression. Sundance Institute at BAM closes with four concurrent screenings of seminal independent films. You choose one of the four films to watch, and join all of the filmgoers for a post-screening panel with the films? directors in the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House. By taking stock of independent cinema over the past two decades, the filmmakers explore how the indie movement has altered aesthetics, social discourse, and the film industry itself. Moderated by The New York Times critic Janet Maslin, directors reveal their inspirations for making films that went against the grain, whether and how films can foster cultural change, and predict the next frontier.

Official Website: http://bam.org/film/series.aspx?id=79

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