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Shanghai Pudong Software Park is sending a small delegation to visit the Bay Area. The Park is one of China's national software industry base and software outsourcing base. As the park has been very successful in attracting world's top-notch businesses with huge investments, they are also endeavoring in:

1. Establishing an incubator facility or base, and a supporting VC fund of RM B 1 billion to invest in startup companies;
2. Looking for business or technical partners among Bay Area companies and/or individuals that will result in short- or long-term business relationships;

The group consists of 6 members, including the President, one Vice President and two Directors. They intend to hold a small-size meeting with around 20-25 local high-tech professionals to discuss the above topics. The attendees will have a chance to establish a closer relationship with some of the top officials from the park, including the President himself, and to explore the possibility of taking advantage of the whole park's resources
for the attendees' own businesses or projects. The park can connect you to thousands of companies from all over the world that have established their businesses in China with the Park's help.

The meeting will take the form of free-style discussions; attendees will be encouraged to ask questions or exchange ideas directly with members, in order to understand and explore business opportunities that can benefit both sides.

RSVP required for 20-25 people who are:

1. Chinese speaking;
2. At least 5 years of industry/research experience in High-Tech, Internet and-or software-related industries or research institutions;
3. Entrepreneurs/ business owners, or would-be entrepreneurs having formulated ideas of what he/she intends to do, in High-Tech, Internet and/or software-related industries;

Contact: Tony Ling
[email protected]. com

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