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Is Your Business What You Thought It Would Be?

You had a vision, an image of how you wanted your business to turn out. Much of that vision came true. But some of it didn't. Perhaps your business is a little less than what you thought it would be. Perhaps it's not All You Thought It Would Be.

Who Is It For?

It is primarily designed for business owners, Presidents & CEO's as well as Executives with P&L responsibilities of Business Units in corporations, government departments and nonprofits.

What is 360 Business Club?

360 Business Club is a comprehensive, 360°, Business Building Support and Certification System that allows you to master the process of building your business by building it in a supportive, interactive and inspiring environment.

"Business Workout Sessions"

The core of the 360 Business Club is a series of ongoing "Business Workout Sessions" developed for Business Owners, Presidents, CEO's and Executives responsible for Profit and Loss of a Corporation, Government Agency or a Non-Profit. When you attend as a guest, you will experience this session first-hand in a "production quality" environment (meaning no sales pitches - this is the real deal with real members attending).

Activates Dormant Human Faculties

360 Business Club is driven by Conscious Strcutures, AMBICA's methodology for building a Socially Conscious Business. As a result, 360 Business Club leverages dormant human faculties of the participants of their partners, employees and stakeholders in building a highly profitable business that could prosper for generations to come.

Maximizes All Facets of Your Business

The 360 Business Club Workout Sessions are driven by Conscious Structures, AMBICA's proprietary 360° Business Building System that allows you to "work" all facets of your business in a laboratory as well as in the real-world environment.

"AMBICA Inspired" Certification

"AMBICA Inspired" is a certification awarded to the club members based on the mastery of their own business building method that's derived from AMBICA's Conscious Structures approach. Based on the Martial Arts Belt System, the members start with White Belt, progress through 7 colors of the belt levels and finally achieve the Black Belt degrees 1 through 9. The 17-Level Certification System reinforces our belief that business and human performance development is a life-long pursuit with no "graduation" date.

Would I be Bored?

One of the problems found in the continuous reinforcement programs is that after the initial excitement fizzles, a sort of boredom sets in. Attendance drops. Learning stops. Folks make all kinds of excuses not to attend the training sessions. You may have noticed, "Death by Presentations" is now officially a world-wide epidemic. We have designed our sessions so that you won't once look at the clock during the session and will be a bit disappointed when it's over.

By making each of our sessions unique, we make sure that each session is engaging, immensely interesting and often entertaining with useful lessons that could be applied immediately. There are three main reason why the 360 Business Club session are 180 degrees (pardon the pun!) from BORING.

Participants Are Co-producers

The workshops participants are the main actors in our production. Yes, there is a theme. Yes, we provide a contextual framework for each session. Yes, we have great facilitators who have things to share. But never will we lecture you with stuff. In fact, our trainers and facilitators are strickly ordered to follow the five minutes rule, which states that under no circumstances they are allowed to speak alone for more than five minutes at a stretch.

Content Tailered to Real-World Business Challenges

Each session is made intensely practical by opening with a challenge or a goal, small or big and taking it through the Conscious Structures process. This process is driven by our unique "insight based learning" process which uses the insights of the participants to drive home lessons, insights and actions. Every session takes them through all seven layers of the Conscious Structures but the layers are taught at different levels. (White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt etc.) In each session, the participants learn to align their source (inspiration), knowledge, market identity, strategy, emotional engagement, time & energy and systematic actions.

13.8 Million Combinations For Conducting a Session

In each layer, we have over a dozen learning processes and exercises. (We are continuously adding new processes and exercises.) Some of them are just a few seconds short and some of them are a up to 20 minutes long. At one dozen for each layer, we have 84 total processes. Do the math and you will find that the total number of combinations in which a session can be conducted is over 13.8 million! (7 to the power of 12, if you are mathematically inclined.) Add to this the unique issues and challenges brought to the class by our participants and the freedom of the instructor who can choose to go many different routes during the class, and you can be assured that you will have to never have to sit through the same class in the same way again.
No two workshops will be exactly alike. And yet, there is a process, a structure that we follow, which ensures that there is consistency, predictability and common elements in each session. In conducting our sessions, we take our inspiration from the Nature. One thing that the nature does so well is that it brings order and chaos together in all of its creation in a beautiful harmony. No two trees are alike. And yet they share common elements and common structures. Same with clouds, mountains, streams and rivers

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