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ATP curated by YOU!

For Weekend 2 of ATP 2007, we have cooked up something a little bit special for you. All Tomorrow's Parties would like to announce ATP vs The Fans. ATP will be curating half the line-up and the rest of the line-up is up to you, The Fans.

Each person who buys a ticket to the festival will be asked to submit their top ten wish-list of who they would like to see at ATP. To get the ball rolling, here are some of the bands ATP have confirmed to play the weekend so far: Built To Spill, Sparklehorse, Akron Family, Notwist, Echo and the Bunnymen, Do Make Say Think, Death Vessel and Brightblack Morninglight.

Tickets available from:

Official Website:

Added by actel on November 23, 2006



watch live video of akron/family at to see what you're in for.


Mogwai, Explosions, Battles, and Capricorns are playing. If ISIS or Neurosis play I will have to go!
Very very tempted to hassle 5 other people to go though :)


Errmmm so ISIS have confirmed. My mates are all going to the first weekend. Who wants to go ?