Minehead, England TA24 5SH

Confirmed to play on the weekend with The Dirty Three, will be a solo performance by the legendary Nick Cave, who headlines the event. Also confirmed to play are Papa M, Low, The Drones, Tara Jane O'Neil, Grinderman, Magnolia Electric Company, Brokeback and Faun Fables.

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Added by mavit on October 19, 2006



help people,
My lovely friend zoe and I NEED to be at this weekend but cannot find two more people to go in with as its 150 quid to find in january,
If anyone reading this wants to go in or has a two birth ticket for sale then get involved,
Cheers, Nick


Me too, I've gone online to buy a ticket, seen that there are only 4berth rooms left and had a heart-attack. Stress ulcer is coming on nicely too. I'm still search-lighting for another taker--ultimatly don't care if I have to sell the next 40 years of my life to be there, I WILL NOT miss it. If anyone can help, please please get in touch. Big thank you, Nicole


Nicole, my email address is [email protected],
drop me a line soon and we'll try to sort something out so we can all get there, don't know how but i'm sure we can think of a way,