1315 S. Congress Ave
Austin, Texas

Jon Langford is the L'homme de Renaissance of indie rock. He's done lots of cover art, produced loads of records, lent his ham-fisted guitar stylings to recordings by the Old 97's, Kelly Hogan, Sally Timms, Alejandro Escovedo, among others, draws a comic strip, plays in the Mekons, and acts as a reeling papa bear figure to many of Chicago's musicians looking for direction and reassurance in this vicious racket we call the music industry. Among the guiding forces in the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and the Waco Brothers. As nice as he is prolific. Sort of rare in the hyper-rarified environment of notoriety.

Sally, on the other hand, is known as one of the laziest women in show business, she frequently calls in favors from her more talented and successful friends so that she can dedicate more time to watching television and eating bananas. She has blonde hair, grey eyes, and appalling mood swings. In 1985 she joined the Mekons as a full-time member and has regretted it ever since. Unfortunately, the only way out of the Mekons is in a box, so she's still there.

Joining them will be the incomparable, Alejandro Escovedo. One of the most diverse and spellbinding entertainers of this time, you can be certain to experience an amazing evening.

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